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testing a panel Lantek tester

Testing & Certification

Many people believe that a cable either works or it doesn't. This simply isn't true. Damage to a cable can degrade the signal causing your network to resend packets leading to loss of performance. In some cases this can result in workstations "locking up" for periods of time or "crashing" completely.

To ensure that your network is working effectively you should have your cables tested against either Cat5e or Cat 6 specifications.

Large numbers of installers only use a simple wiremap tester. This simply confirms that the wires have been connected to the correct pins!.

We test cables using advanced Lantek cable testers which test to the full specification including crosstalk and overall signal loss.

Compare it for yourself !

Test Cat5e "Ordinary" Tester
Wiremap Yes Yes
Length Yes Some
Prop Delay Yes No
Delay Skew Yes No
Power Sum Acr Yes No
Power Sum ELFEXT Yes No
Power Sum Next Yes No
Return Loss Yes No
Next Yes No
Attenuation Yes No
ACR Yes No

Tests explained.

We are happy to test existing installations and should you wish, undertake remedial work on any circuit that fails.


Fibre testing is undertaken using a Lantek fibre tester at 850nm or 1300nm wavelengths depending on the requirements .

We are happy to advise if you are unsure of the standard you require for your equipment.

If required an OTDR trace can be undertaken for longer cables.

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