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Please see our separate section on Testing/Certification.


We understand the entire process of networking, so we can ensure that a network design meets your needs.

Precisely because we can see how your cabling, switching and routing affects your network we can help you make informed choices on how to maintain your network and cost effectively update and future proof it.

Typically we work with you by ensuring levels 1 - 5 (OSI model) of the Network function correctly leaving you to concentrate on your application delivery.

OSI Model

We have the experience to troubleshoot the trickier areas of networking e.g. DNS, Windows networking (Netbios,Wins) across a variety of platforms.

nbtstat netstat
arp netview

Design and Documentation

We are happy to design a new network for you drawing on our years of experience or document your existing network. (for a consideration - of course!).

We have software to scan your network and identify connected devices. Many times customers have been surprised to find features embedded in printers and the ilk that they never knew existed!(e.g. DHCP,SMNP etc).

scan results

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