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  Leased Line  

Private Circuit - (not leased line)

There are substantially two means of establishing a hardwired private circuit.

  1. Install your own cable.
  2. Rent a copper pair from BT

Installing your own cable may not be as expensive as you think.

We have substantial experience with catinery and ducted or buried cable and it is often possible to lay a cable without ripping up the intervening tarmac/concrete!

By renting an unpowered copper pair from a BT exchange you can, with the right equipment, develop a low cost link between two sites up to 5 miles distant.

Lots of factors determine the cost of the link so give us a call to help you get the best solution for you.


Laser links

In many cases the best cable solution is a "no cable" solution.

We are really pleased to be able to offer you an top quality, inexpensive laser link system. This offers you a high bandwidth solution ideal for metropolitan area and campus use.

The lack of need to rent circuits or install cable make this solution ideal for connections where line of sight can be achieved. NB these units can be mounted on pylons to clear obstacles.


Fibre Optic

In electrically noisy environments or where high bandwidth is required fibre can be your best choice.

Our extensive experience with installing and certifying fibre can give you the confidence to know that your dark fiber is ready to run when you need it.

For more details on fiber installation, please see our installation page.


Leased Line

In some circumstances there is no alternative to a leased line.

We are happy to arrange this for you if required.


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